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Pre-Congress Workshops

Thursday, 20 July 2023
Pre-Congress 1
(0730-1630 hrs)
Workshop on vNOTES and Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery Dewan Mutiara, Hospital Seberang Jaya Dr S. Sevellaraja
Pre-Congress 2
(0830-1245 hrs)
Workshop on Vaginal Vault Support During Vaginal Hysterectomy Seminar Room 1, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus Prof Ajay Rane and Assoc Prof Sivakumar Balakrishnan
Pre-Congress 3
(1330-1730 hrs)
FIGO & WATOG "Teach the Breech" Function Room 5&6 (Mezzanine Floor), Setia SPICE Convention Centre Prof Frank Louwen
Pre-Congress 4
(0900-1300 hrs)
Workshop on Uterine Transplantation Function Room 8 (Mezzanine Floor), Setia SPICE Convention Centre Prof Mats Brännström
Pre-Congress 5
(0900-1630 hrs)
Masterclass in First Trimester Ultrasound and Cervical Cerclage Function Room 7 (Mezzanine Floor), Setia SPICE Convention Centre Dr Voon Hian Yan

Congress Day 1

Friday, 21 July 2023
0800-0830 Opening & Welcome
Prof Nazimah Idris
(Organising Chairperson, OGSM 2023)
0830-0900 President's Lecture
Moderator: Prof Nazimah Idris

Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Dato' Dr K. Balanathan
(President, OGSM)
0900-0930 Plenary 1
Moderator: Dr G. Muniswaran

We are all Part of the Solution
Prof Marian Knight (UK)
0930-1010 Plenary 2
Moderator: Dato’ Dr K. Balanathan

Uterine Transplantation: From Research to Clinical Reality
Prof Mats Brännström (Sweden)
1010-1040 I.S. Puvan Memorial Lecture
Moderator: Dr G. Muniswaran

Climate Change and the Elephant in the Room
Prof Sir S. Arulkumaran (UK)
1040-1100 Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break
1100-1240 Concurrent Symposium 1:

Moderators: Dr Shilpa Nambiar & Dr Tan Lee Na
Concurrent Symposium 2:

Moderators: Dr Rajesh Mahendran & Dr Jerilee Azhary
Industry Sponsored Symposia
1100-1125 S1.1 The Enigma of Recurrent Miscarriages
Dr Serene Thain (Singapore)
S2.1 The Role of 3-dimensional Ultrasound in Gynaecology
Dr S. Raman (Malaysia)
Industry Sponsored Symposium 1
Merck Sharp & Dohme (Malaysia)

Screening and HPV Vaccination – Can We End Cervical Cancer?
Dr Chew Ghee Kheng

(1100-1145 hrs)
1125-1150 S1.2 Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Consequences & Management
Dr Melanie Nana (UK)
S2.2 Gestational Trophoblastic Disease: An Update
Prof Patrick Chien (Malaysia)
1150-1215 S1.3 Early vs Late Screening of GDM
Dr Shilpa Nambiar (Malaysia)
S2.3 Ovarian Conservation at Hysterectomy
Dr Suresh Kumarasamy (Malaysia)
Industry Sponsored Symposium 2
Device Technologies

Robotic-assisted Endometriosis
Dr Yogesh Nikam

My Experience on Robotic Gynaecology Surgery
Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar

(1150-1235 hrs)
1215-1240 S1.4 Timing of Induction of Labour in Term PROM
Dr Federica Bellussi (USA)
S2.4 Reproductive Health for Women with Intellectual Disabilities
Dr Lavitha Sivapatham (Malaysia)
1240-1400 Industry Sponsored Symposium 3
Eikon Medical Solutions

The Hydropic Fetus… are they all lethal?
Dr T.P. Baskaran

(1240-1325 hrs)
Lunch & Networking Break Industry Sponsored Symposium 4
GE HealthCare

Looking beyond Endometriosis
Dr Nelinda Pangilinan

(1240-1325 hrs)
Free Communications – Oral (Obstetrics) Presentations

(Venue: Function Room 5, Mezzanine Floor)
Free Communications – Oral (Gynaecology) Presentations

(Venue: Function Room 6, Mezzanine Floor)
Free Communications – Video Presentations

(Venue: Function Room 7, Mezzanine Floor)

(Venue: Poster Display Panels)
1400-1540 Concurrent Symposium 3:
Intrapartum Care

Moderators:  Dr Tang Boon Nee &
Dr Patricia Lim
Concurrent Symposium 4:
Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology

Moderators: Dr Lavitha Sivapatham & Dr Lim Leek Mei
OGSM Simulation Village
Dr Thaneemalai Jeganathan & Prof Patrick Chien
1400-1425 S3.1 Peripartum Considerations: Low and High-risk Pregnancies
Assoc Prof Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)
S4.1 PAG Training: A Developed Passion for Learning – A Weapon to Change the World
Dr Evelien Roos (Netherlands)
Intrapartum Ultrasound before Operative Vaginal Delivery
Prof Tullio Ghi (Italy)

(1400-1420 hrs)
Systematic Pelvic Devascularization for the Management of PPH
Dr Thaneemalai Jeganathan (Malaysia)

(1420-1440 hrs)
1425-1450 S3.2 Intrapartum Care Bundle to Improve Clinical Outcome
Prof Sir S. Arulkumaran (UK)
S4.2 Common Gynaecological Problems among Children
Prof Nur Azurah Abdul Ghani (Malaysia)
Posterior Axilla Sling Traction for Shoulder Dystocia
Prof Leung Tak Yeung (Hong Kong)

(1440-1500 hrs)
1450-1515 S3.3 Peripartum Hyponatremia
Dr G. Muniswaran (Malaysia)
S4.3 Menstrual Symptoms among Adolescents and Quality of Life
Prof Angela S. Aguilar (Philippines)
The Patwardhan Technique for the Impacted Fetal Head at Caesarean Section
Assoc Prof Devendra Kanagalingam (Singapore)

(1500-1520 hrs)
1515-1540 S3.4 The Reinvention of Vaginal Breech Birth
Prof Frank Louwen (Germany)
S4.4 Managing Patients with Differences of Sex Development from the Gynaecologist’s Perspective
Assoc Prof Ani Amelia Dato’ Zainuddin (Malaysia)
The OdonAssist for Assisted Vaginal Birth
Dr Emily Hotton (UK)

(1520-1540 hrs)
1540-1600 Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break
1600-1630 Plenary 3
Moderator: Dr Ravi Chandran

The Red Line Initiative: Women as Weapons in War
Dr Jeanne Conry (USA)
1630-1730 Opening Ceremony
by YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow,
Penang Chief Minister


Congress Day 2

Saturday, 22 July 2023
0800-0830 Plenary 4
Moderator: Prof J. Ravichandran

“Born too soon – The Decade Version”
Prof Bo Jacobsson (Sweden)
Plenary 5
Moderator: Dr Voon Hian Yan

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Long-term Cardiovascular Health
Prof Liona Poon Chiu Yee (Hong Kong)
Plenary 6
Moderator: Dr Shilpa Nambiar

Gender Equality and Diversity in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Gillian Gibson (New Zealand)
0830-0900 Plenary 7
Moderator: Dr S. Raman

Prediction and Prevention of Preterm Pre-eclampsia
Prof Kypros H. Nicolaides (UK)
Plenary 8
Moderator: Assoc Prof Sivakumar Balakrishnan

Why do Vaginal Hysterectomies Fail? Role of Vaginal Vault Support during
Vaginal Hysterectomy
Prof Ajay Rane (Australia)
College of O&G Lecture
Moderator: Dr Premitha Damodaran

Peripartum Catastrophes: Lessons Learned
Assoc Prof Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)
0900-1040 Concurrent Symposium 5:
Fetal Medicine

Moderators: Dr Rafaie Amin & Dr Ravinderjit Kaur
Concurrent Symposium 6:

Moderators: Dr Anil Krishna Dass & Assoc Prof Bahiyah Abdullah
Concurrent Symposium 7:
Advances in Women's Health

Moderators: Dr Hoo Mei Lin & Dr Chew Ghee Kheng
0900-0925 S5.1 Placenta Accreta Spectrum Disorder: Can it be Detected in the First Trimester?
Dr Nelinda Pangilinan (Philippines)
S6.1 Management of Large and Recurrent Cystocoele
Prof Ajay Rane (Australia)
S7.1 Breast Cancer: What all Obstetricians and Gynaecologists should Know?
Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Yip Cheng Har (Malaysia)
0925-0950 S5.2 Role of Ultrasound in Detecting Congenital Infections
Prof Asma Khalil (UK)
S6.2 Current Management of Overactive Bladder
Dr Ng Poh Yin (Malaysia)
S7.2 Transperineal Imaging of the Pelvic Floor
Assoc Prof Ixora Kamisan Atan (Malaysia)
0950-1015 S5.3 A Stepwise Approach to Diagnosis and Management of Monochorionic Twins
Dr Voon Hian Yan (Malaysia)
S6.3 Obliterative Surgery for Prolapse: Another Option
Dato’ Dr Aruku Naidu (Malaysia)
S7.3 Sports Gynaecology
Prof Imelda Balchin (Malaysia)
1015-1040 S5.4 Evolving Fetal Anomalies: Value of the Third Trimester Ultrasound
Dr T.P. Baskaran (Malaysia)
S6.4 Stress Urinary Incontinence – Role of Bulking Agents and Sling Surgery
Dr Lisa T. Prodigalidad (Philippines)
S7.4 Pre-conception Genetic Testing
Dr Leong Huey Yin (Malaysia)
1040-1100 Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break
1100-1240 Concurrent Symposium 8:
Recent Advances in Obstetrics

Moderators: Dr T.P. Baskaran & Dr Vijayan Valayatham
Concurrent Symposium 9:
Gynae Oncology

Moderators: Dr Suresh Kumarasamy & Prof Mohamad Nasir Shafiee
Industry Sponsored Symposia
1100-1125 S8.1 Principles of Care of Managing the Critically Ill Pregnant Mother
Prof Stephen Lapinsky (Canada)
S9.1 Improving Outcomes for Ovarian Cancer through Advocacy
Ms Clara MacKay (Canada)
Industry Sponsored Symposium 5
Novo Nordisk Pharma

Obesity and Women's Fertility: Integrating Effective Strategies for Successful Outcomes
Dr K.K. Iswaran

(1100-1145 hrs)
1125-1150 S8.2 Oxytocin for PPH Prevention: 3, 5 or 10?
Assoc Prof Devendra Kanagalingam (Singapore)
S9.2 Role of Molecular Testing for Triaging Patients with Endometrial Cancer
Prof Mohamad Nasir Shafiee (Malaysia)
1150-1215 S8.3 Myths & Realities of Training in Obstetric Emergencies
Prof Tim Draycott (UK)
S9.3 Transitioning from Pap Smear to Scaling-up HPV Testing
Prof Deborah Bateson (Australia)
Industry Sponsored Symposium 6
Abbott Laboratories (Malaysia)

Dydrogesterone for Endometriosis: Increasing Chances of Pregnancy
Dr Premitha Damodaran

(1150-1235 hrs)
1215-1240 S8.4 Evidence-based Management of the Latent and Active Phase of Labour
Dr Tony Tan Yew Teck (Singapore)
S9.4 Management of Gynaecological Sarcomas
Dr Aisha Miah (UK)
1240-1400 Industry Sponsored Symposium 7
Organon Malaysia

Chairperson: Dr Lavitha Sivapatham

Implant-The LARC in Focus: Unveiling Compelling Case Scenarios in Tackling the Who, How & What
Dr John Teo

(1240-1325 hrs)
Industry Sponsored Symposium 8
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical

Chairperson: Dr Hoo Mei Lin

Maternal Immunisation: Protecting Newborn from Pertussis
Dr Tan Lee Na

(1240-1325 hrs)
Industry Sponsored Symposium 9
Sanofi-Aventis (Malaysia)

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Mohd Faizal Ahmad

Vaccination is Protection: Strengthening Vaccination in Pregnancy in Clinical Practice

Prof Jamiyah Hassan
Dr Voon Hian Yan

(1240-1325 hrs)
1400-1500 Grand Rounds in Obstetrics
Moderator: Dr G. Muniswaran

Prof Sir S. Arulkumaran (UK) & Assoc Prof Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)


  1. PPH Beyond Tone, Trauma & Tissue
  2. Pravastatin and Placental Syndromes
  3. Hyperemesis, Headache, and Seizures
  4. Non-obstetric Surgeries and the Obstetrician
Grand Rounds in Gynaecology
Moderator: Dr S. Raman

Dr S. Sevellaraja (Malaysia),
Dr Lavitha Sivapatham (Malaysia),
Assoc Prof Sivakumar Balakrishnan (Malaysia)

Video Tutorials in O&G
Moderators: Dr P. Kannappan

& Dato’ Dr Krishna Kumar
  1. Radiofrequency Ablation for Selective Fetal Reduction in Complicated Monochorionic Twins
    Dr Voon Hian Yan (Malaysia)
  2. Laparoscopic Abdominal Cerclage
    Dr S. Sevellaraja (Malaysia)
  3. Rescue (Occlusive) Cervical Cerclage
    Dr G. Muniswaran (Malaysia)
  4. vNOTES High Uterosacral Ligament Suspension
    Dr Suyash Naval (India)
1500-1530 Plenary 9
Moderator: Dr Gayathri Mariappa

Prescribing for Pregnancy
Dr Joanna Girling (UK)
Plenary 10
Moderator: Dato’ Dr Alex Mathews

Leadership in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Jeanne Conry (USA)
Plenary 11
Moderator: Dr Eeson Sinthamoney

Perspectives from a Pioneer: The Future of PGT?
Prof Alan Handyside (UK)
1530-1600 Networking Break Networking Break Networking Break
1530-1700 OGSM AGM
(Venue: Function Room 8, Mezzanine Floor)
1900-2300 Gala Dinner
(Venue: Ballroom 1)

Congress Day 3

Sunday, 23 July 2023
0800-0830 Meet the Expert 1
Moderator: Dr Ho Choon Moy

Menopause Case Studies
Prof Susan Davis (Australia)

(Venue: Function Room 1)
Meet the Expert 2
Moderator: Dr Jerilee Azhary

Dysmenorrhea in Adolescents
Prof Angela S. Aguilar (Philippines)

(Venue: Function Room 2)
Meet the Expert 3
Moderator: Dr Jagdeesh Kaur

Recent Advances in PPH Management
Prof Sir S. Arulkumaran (UK)

(Venue: Function Room 8, Mezzanine Floor)
Meet the Expert 4
Moderator: Dr Zaharuddin Rahmat Mohd Rawi

Cervical & STD Screening
Prof Deborah Bateson (Australia)

(Venue: Function Room 9, Mezzanine Floor)
Meet the Expert 5
Moderator: Dr Tan Lee Na

Caesarean Scar Pregnancies
Dr Nelinda Pangilinan (Philippines)

(Venue: Function Room 3)
Meet the Expert 6
Moderator: Dr Loh Huey Wen

Specialist Training and Educational Opportunities in Australia
Assoc Prof Boon H. Lim & Dr Vijay Roach (Australia)

(Venue: Function Room 4)  
0830-0900 Plenary 12
Moderator: Dato’ Dr Prashant Nadkarni

IVF & Implantation – What have we Learned So Far?
Dr Sesh K. Sunkara (UK)
Singapore Lecture
Moderator: Prof Nazimah Idris

Postpartum Management of the Female Pelvic Floor: Have we done enough?
Dr Jason Lim

(President, OGSS)
Plenary 13
Moderator: Dr Sharmini Diana Parampalam

The Malaysian Confidential Enquires into Maternal Deaths: Striding Across the Millennia – Looking Back, Moving Forward
Dr J. Ravichandran (Malaysia)
0900-1040 Concurrent Symposium 10:
Maternal Medicine

Moderators: Dr Gayathri Mariappa &
Dr Vicky Ho
Concurrent Symposium 11:
RANZCOG Symposium

Moderators: Dato’ Dr K. Balanathan & Dr Loh Huey Wen
Concurrent Symposium 12:
Moderators: Dr Premitha Damodaran & Dr Ho Choon Moy
0900-0925 S10.1 ECMO for Pregnant Mothers: The Singapore Experience
Assoc Prof Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)
S11.1 Progesterones and Preterm Prevention: Evidence & Controversies
Assoc Prof Boon H. Lim (Australia) (0900-0920 hrs)
S12.1 Clearing the Confusion: Bioidentical and Body Identical Hormones
Dr Premitha Damodaran (Malaysia)
S11.2 Roe vs Wade Overturned: What does this Mean and What is Next?
Dr Gillian Gibson (New Zealand)
(0920-0940 hrs)
0925-0950 S10.2 Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis 
Prof David Williams (UK)
S11.3 Training and Credentialing in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Prof Ian Symonds (Australia)
(0940-1000 hrs)
S12.2 Premature Ovarian insufficiency: Not so uncommon after all
Dr Nick Panay (UK)
0950-1015 S10.3 Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Recent Advances in Management
Dr Serene Thain (Singapore)
S11.4 From Transactional to Relational Medicine
Dr Vijay Roach (Australia)
(1000-1020 hrs)
S12.3 Individualizing MHT Therapy with the Correct Estrogen and Progestogen
Prof Susan Davis (Australia)
1015-1040 S10.4 Precision in Maternal Medicine
Dr G. Muniswaran (Malaysia)
RANZCOG Panelists (1020-1040 hrs)
S12.4 Why not Herbal Therapy for the Menopause?
Dr Ho Choon Moy (Malaysia)
1040-1100 Networking Break OGSM-RANZCOG MOU (1040-1050 hrs) Networking Break
Networking Break
1100-1240 Concurrent Symposium 13:

Dr P. Kannappan & Dr Tham Seong Wai
Concurrent Symposium 14:

Moderators: Dr Pravin Peraba & Dr Kuharaj Balasubramaniam
OGSM Challenge

Quizmaster: Dr G. Muniswaran

An Academic Quiz where 12 Teams Compete for the Coveted Honour

Featuring the best minds from:

  1. UM Team A
  2. UM Team B
  3. UKM
  4. USM Team A
  5. USM Team B
  6. IIUM Team A
  7. IIUM Team B
  8. Malaysian MRCOG Trainees Team A
  9. Malaysian MRCOG Trainees Team B
  10. OGSS 1
  11. OGSS 2
1100-1125 S13.1 Pre-implantation Genetic Screening for Aneuploidies
Prof Dierdre Zander-Fox (Australia)
S14.1 Maternal Fetal Conflict: The Rights of the Unborn
Dr Tony Tan Yew Teck (Singapore)
1125-1150 S13.2 Overcoming Endometriosis and Adenomyosis
Prof Mukhri Hamdan (Malaysia)
S14.2 Reproductive Rights & Justice in Malaysia
Ms Raja Eileen Suraya (Malaysia)
1150-1215 S13.3 Clinical Adjuncts: The List Grows
Dr Sesh K. Sunkara (UK)
S14.3 Consenting, Competency and Confidentiality in Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology Patients
Dr Ana Vetriana Abd Wahab (Malaysia)
1215-1240 S13.4 What is Next in IVF?
Prof Luk Rombauts (Australia)
S14.4 Regulating Conception: The Laws in Malaysia
Mr Dhinesh Bhaskaran (Malaysia)
1240-1330 Lunch & Networking Break Lunch & Networking Break Lunch & Networking Break
1330-1430 The OGSM Grand Debate: Doctors should Stop Pracitising Clinical Medicine by the Age of 60
Moderator: Prof J. Ravichandran

Proposers: Dr Pravin Peraba, Prof Paul Fogarty, Ms Raja Eileen Suraya

Opposers: Prof Imelda Balchin, Prof Patrick Chien, Mr Dhinesh Bhaskaran
1430-1500 Awards & Closing Ceremony    
1500-1530 Tea & Farewell    
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