About Trainees Registration


The OGSM Trainees Register was created as a result of the recognition by the society, of the importance of investing in future generations of Malaysian Obstetricians & Gynaecologists since they are the future of our profession and our society.

The Trainees Register aims to be a credible, reliable, verifiable and sustainable database of O&G trainees in Malaysia in order to enable the society to identify and effectively communicate with O&G trainees with the primary purpose of aiding them in their training in clinical and non-clinical ways. The benefits of registration on the Trainees Register include the following :

  1. Latest updates and alerts regarding courses and workshops, particularly Trainee Activities such as Masterclasses, MRCOG/MOG courses and Trainee Fellowship Nights
  2. Discounts for OGSM-organised seminars/workshops/congresses
  3. Free membership to ISUOG and possibly other international organizations, and access to their websites and online resources
  4. The opportunity to network with other trainees, and senior members of the society
How to Register
  1. Sign up as a member of OGSM if not already one
  2. If already a member, ensure your subscription is up to date
  3. Fill in the Online Registration forms HERE
  4. Print out the Letter from HOD/Supervisor HERE and once signed, return by email to ogsm@myjaring.net or fax to 03-6201 7009
  5. You will receive a confirmatory email and your name will then automatically be placed on the Trainees Register which can be viewed HERE
  6. Membership on the Trainees Register is subject to renewal each year following an email reminder.


Registration is FREE! REGISTER NOW!

Interested or training in O&G but do NOT fulfill the criteria to be on the Trainees Register? We will ensure you receive all information regarding trainee events and discounts for OGSM-organised workshops/seminars/congresses.