Classified Ads


» Full name : Dr Arthur Varkey Samuel
» Contact number : 012-333 6272
» Place of work : Samuel Specialist Maternity Centre & Specialist Clinic for Women, 313, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur


OGSM Classified Ads are a service provided by the Society for its members at absolutely no cost.


1. Ensure you are a member of OGSM and your subscription is up to date. To update your subscriptions, click HERE.
2. Submit your advertisement by email to along with the following details :
» Full name
» Contact number
» Place of work
3. All ads must include the contact details of the person or entity to whom a response should be directed, since the OGSM will NOT act as an intermediary or negotiator or channel of communication in any way or form.
4. Submission of an ad does NOT by any means, guarantee advertisement. The OGSM Council reserves the right to decline the uploading of any ad without need for justification of its decision.



If you would like to respond to a Classified Ad, kindly contact the advertiser DIRECTLY via the details listed in the ad. The OGSM administrators and Council will not entertain any requests for assistance or clarification as this service is intended only to provide a platform to connect members with potentially beneficial products, services and opportunities, and also to aid the dissemination of information about potentially beneficial products, services or opportunities.