18-21 JULY 2019 Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang, Malaysia
18-21 JULY 2019 Setia Spice Convention Centre, Penang, Malaysia


19th July 2019

Friday, 19 July 2019

Time Topic
1100-1300Symposium 1: High Risk Obstetrics
1100-1120 S1.1 Prevention of Preterm Birth
Prof Tan Peng Chiong (Malaysia)
1120-1140 S1.2 Induction of Labour at 39 Weeks
Dr Tony Tan (Singapore)
1140-1200 S1.3 Lessons from the HAPO Trial
Prof Tam Wing Hung (Hong Kong)
1200-1220 S1.4 Universal Screening for GBS: Are we Ready?
Dr Raman Subramaniam (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S1.5 Maternal Immunization
Dr Muniswaran Ganeshan (Malaysia)
1100-1300 Symposium 2: Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
1100-1120 S2.1 Transgender vs Gender Services – What is a Name?
Prof Sonia Grover (Australia)
1120-1140 S2.2 Mental Health Issues of Gender Variant Patients
Ms Vizla Kumaresan (Malaysia)
1140-1200 S2.3 Islamic Perspective in the Management of Patients with Differences of Sexual Development (DSD)
Assoc Prof Ani Amelia Dato’ Zainuddin (Malaysia)
1200-1220 S2.4 Obstructed Menstrual Flow: Management Options
Prof Nur Azurah Abdul Ghani (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S2.5 Ovarian Cryopreservation: Is Malaysia Ready?
Dr Ana Vetriana Abd Wahab (Malaysia)
1240-1300 Q&A
1100-1300 Symposium 3: Early Pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology
1100-1120 S3.1 Recurrent Miscarriages : Current Concepts
Dr Serene Thain Pei Ling (Singapore)
1120-1140 S3.2 Detorsion of the Ovaries
Dr Mohamed Hatta Mohamed Tarmizi (Malaysia)
1140-1200 S3.3 Nausea & Vomiting in Pregnancy: An Evidence Based Approach
Dr Voon Hian Yan (Malaysia)
1200-1220 S3.4 Non Tubal Ectopic Pregnancies: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management
Prof Jamiyah Hassan (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S3.5 Gestational Trophoblastic Disease: A Revisit
Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Sivanesaratnam V.
1100-1300 Symposium 4: Benign Gynaecology
1100-1120 S4.1 Vulval Conditions 
Dr Chew Ghee Kheng (Malaysia)
1120-1140 S4.2 Acute Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Non-Pregnant Patients
Dr Rohana Haththotuwa (Sri Lanka)
1140-1200 S4.3 Tuboovarian Abscesses: Diagnosis and Management
Dr Kannappan P. (Malaysia)
1200-1220 S4.4 Non-Surgical Management of Uterine Fibroids
Assoc Prof Mukhri Hamdan (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S4.5 Treatment of Endometriosis Associated Pain: The ESHRE Recommendations
Dr Mohamed Hatta Mohamed Tarmizi (Malaysia)
1415-1615Symposium 5: Intrapartum Care
1415-1435S5.1 Six is the New Four
Assoc Prof Devendra Kanagalingam (Singapore)
1435-1455S5.2 The Use and Abuse of Oxytocin
Dr Muralitharan Ganesalingam (Malaysia)
1455-1515S5.3 Vaginal Breech Delivery: Does Maternal Position Matter?
Prof Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy (Malaysia)
1515-1535S5.4 Fetal Scalp Lactate: Is it Time?
Dr Tan Eng Loy (Singapore)
1535-1555S5.5 The Fourth Trimester
Dr Muniswaran Ganeshan (Malaysia)
1415-1615Symposium 6: Urogynaecology
1415-1435S6.1 Stress Urinary Incontinence – Current Thoughts
Dr Lisa T. Proligalidad (Philippines)
1435-1455S6.2 Management of Large and Recurrent Cystocoele
Dr Jennifer King (Australia)
1455-1515S6.3 Overactive Bladder – What are the Current Options
Dr Bahiyah Abdullah (Malaysia)
1515-1535S6.4 Preventing Future Vault Prolapse during Vaginal Hysterectomy
Dr Anil G. Krishna Dass (Malaysia)
1535-1555 S6.5 Vault Prolapse – What are the Options?
Assoc Prof Khong Su Yen (Malaysia)
1415-1615Symposium 7: Fetal Medicine
1415-1435S7.1 Carrier Screening: Broadening Genomic Sequence in Clinical Practice
Prof Jon Hyett (Australia)
1435-1455S7.2 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: An Evolving Anomaly
Dr T.P. Baskaran (Malaysia)
1455-1515S7.3 Management of Difficult Twin Pregnancies
Dr Tony Tan (Singapore)
1515-1535S7.4 Fetal Infections: An Update
Dato’ Dr Bavanandan Naidu (Malaysia)
1535-1555S7.5 Should Steroid Cover be Extended Beyond 34 Weeks?
Prof Jon Hyett (Australia)
1415-1615Symposium 8: Gynaecological Endoscopy
1415-1435S8.1 TBC
Dr Kunasegaran K. (Malaysia)
1435-1455S8.2 Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynaecology
Dr Sevellaraja S. (Malaysia)
1455-1515S8.3 High Intensitu Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Fibroids and Adenomyosis
Prof Lian Zhang (China)
1515-1535S8.4 NOTES (Natural Orifice Endoscopic Surgery)
Dr Su Huan (Taiwan)
1535-1555S8.5 Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy
Dr Dipak Limbachiya (India)

20th July 2019

Saturday, 20 July 2019

1100-1300Symposium 9: Critical Care and Obstetric Emergencies
1100-1120 S9.1 Maternal Resuscitation: An Obstetrician’s Perspective
Dr Koji Hashii (Japan)
1120-1140 S9.2 Placenta Accreta Spectrum Disorders: Conservative or Non Conservative
Assoc Prof Devendra Kanagalingam (Singapore)
1140-1200 S9.3 Sepsis: The Hour One Bundle
Dr Tan Eng Loy (Singapore)
1200-1220 S9.4 Acute Onset Severe Hypertension: Oral or Parenteral?
Prof Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S9.5 Fetal Considerations in a Critically Ill Parturient
Dr Nuzhat Aziz (India)
1100-1300Symposium 10: Reproductive Medicine
1100-1120 S10.1 The Unexpected Poor Embryo Quality – What should we do?
Dr Klaus Bühler (Germany)
1120-1140 S10.2 Fertility Preservation – Reality or just Wishful Thinking?
Prof William Ledger (Australia)
1140-1200 S10.3 What can the Semen Analysis Really tell us?
Prof David Chan Yiu Leung (Hong Kong)
1200-1220 S10.4 What should we be Telling our Patients about Egg Freezing?
Prof William S.B. Yeung(Hong Kong)
1220-1240 S10.5 Is there any Real Value in Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing?
Prof David Chan Yiu Leung (Hong Kong)
1240-1300 Q&A
1100-1300Symposium 11: Quality and Safety
1100-1120 S11.1 Red Flags in O&G
Dr Nuzhat Aziz (India)
1120-1140 S11.2 Robson’s Classification of Caesarean Sections: Why and how I use it?
Dr Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)
1140-1200 S11.3 Montgomery & Informed Consent: Implications to Practice
Prof Paul Fogarty (Malaysia)
1200-1220 S11.4 Simulation Training in Shoulder Dystocia
Dr Thaneemalai Jeganathan (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S11.5 Evidence Based Medicine or Medicine Based Evidence
Prof Dato’ Dr Sivalingam N.
1100-1300 Symposium 12: Gynae-Oncology
1100-1120 S12.1 HPV Vaccination in Special Populations
Dr Suresh Kumarasamy (Malaysia)
1120-1140 S12.2 Glandular Lesions of the Cervix
Dr Quek Swee Chong (Singapore)
1140-1200 S12.3 Precision Medicine in Gynaecological Oncology
Prof Ikuo Konishi (Japan)
1200-1220 S12.4 Screening and Prevention of Ovarian Cancer
Prof Mikio Mikami (Japan)
1220-1240 S12.5 Cytoreductive Surgery and HiPEC in Gynae Cancers
Prof Khong Tak Loong (Malaysia)

21st July 2019

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Time Topic
1100-1300 Symposium 13: Maternal Medicine
1100-1120 S13.1 The Obstetric Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Prof Tam Wing Hung (Hong Kong)
1120-1140 S13.2 Cardiac Diseases in Pregnancy: An Obstetrician’s Perspective
Dr Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)
1140-1200 S13.3 Perinatal Mental Health: The Forgotten Medicine
Dr Ummi Adzlin (Malaysia)
1200-1220 S13.4 Intrahepatic Cholestasis
Dr Serene Thain Pei Ting (Singapore)
1220-1240 S13.5 The Forgotten M in MFM
Dr Muniswaran Ganeshan (Malaysia)
1100-1300Symposium 14: Advances in O&G
1100-1120 S14.1 Caesarean Scar Pregnancy: Issues in Diagnosis and Management
Prof Vincent Cheung Yuk Tong (Hong Kong)
1120-1140 S14.2 Defining and Quantifying Maternal Morbidity
Dr Nuzhat Aziz (India)
1140-1200 S14.3 Aesthetics in Urogynaecology
Dr Aruku Naidu (Malaysia)
1200-1220 S14.4 Global Surgery in 2030
Prof Paul Fogarty (Malaysia)
1220-1240 Best Obstetrics Oral Presentation
Best Gynaecology Oral Presentation
Best Video Presentation
1240-1300 Q&A
1100-1300Symposium 15: Sexual and Reproductive Health
1100-1120 S15.1 Investing in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health: The Way Forward
Dr John Teo Beng Ho (Malaysia)
1120-1140 S15.2 Sex and Sexuality: Do we need Educating?
Mr Victor Lam Hin Choong (Malaysia)
1140-1200 S15.3 The Predictable and Unexpected Challenges in providing Family Planning Clinic Services
Prof Sonia Grover (Australia)
1200-1220 S15.4 The Comeback of the PPIUD (Postpartum Intrauterine Device)
Dr Lavitha Sivapatham (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S15.5 U=U. HIV Undetectable=Untransmittable
Dr Suresh Kumar Chidambaram (Malaysia)
1100-1300Symposium 16: Menopause
1100-1120 S16.1 Menopause Management: Evidence Based Medicine or Medicine Based Evidence
Dr Chua Yang (Singapore)
1120-1140 S16.2 Estrogen Protects the Brain
Dr Raman Subramaniam (Malaysia)
1140-1200 S16.3 Treatment Options for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
Dr Chua Yang (Singapore)
1200-1220 S16.4 Premature Ovarian Failure
Prof Jamiyah Hassan (Malaysia)
1220-1240 S16.5 Heart, Strokes and VTE: MHT in Perspective
Dr Premitha Damodaran (Malaysia)