Two days after the course, I had one transverse line and one second stage caesarean section during my on-call. Thanks to the tips, I was able to the babies with ease. Thank you once again for the effort and time spent for organising the course .

- Medical Officer, Hospital Miri, Simulation Workshop on Complicated Caesarean Section, Jan 2020.

The tips and tricks taught were very useful. They endowed me with extra skills that only experience could teach.

- Medical Officer, Hospital Sg Buloh, Simulation Workshop on Complicated Caesarean Section, Jan 2020

The course has taught me to anticipate and plan ahead when facing a complicated caesarean section taking into account all the factors such as abdominal entry, uterine incision, and method of delivery of baby. I highly recommend this course to O&G trainees who wish to expand their surgical skill and to gain confidence while doing a caesarean section.

- Medical officer, Bintulu Hospital, Simulation Workshop on Complicated Caesarean Section, Jan 2020

I had a very good experience with the hands-on stations on the mannequins, especially for learning practical skills.

- Medical Officer, Singapore 2019

A very good course with enough exposure and hands-on on mannequins for practical skills.

- Medical Officer, Kota Kinabalu 2019

The ICOE course is very effective and informative. The topics and skills station were good to improve and teach the correct techniques. Even though it was packed with lectures and skill stations, it was fun and interesting. Good course and I will promote to other colleagues who have not attended ICOE.

- Medical Officer, Johor Bahru, 2019

A very interactive course with really nice and energetic trainers. Although the schedule is quite tight, I managed to get hands-on on all stations. But I do wish that certain stations had extra time. The breakout station for handling injuries is remarkable. I learned the correct technique to manage the extended tear.

- Medical Officer, Johor Bahru 2019

A very good course. Keep up the good work. Trainers were excellent.

- Specialist, Johor Bahru, 2019

"I tried the 'ICOE method' to deliver a baby with transverse lie and impacted shoulder last night and it worked! So exciting.

It was a referred case from district hospital, prem with leaking. Dorsoinferior, AFI almost nil. Registrar struggled a bit so I took over. Stood the opposite site n managed to deliver it quite easily."

- Gynaecologist, Tertiary Hospital, KKM - 2019

- The course was excellent. Emphasizing on team work, very useful for each hospital and staff to join the course in order to be exposed and trained in emergencies. Topics are covered thoroughly with hands on skill training.

— Professor Sir Dr Arulkumaran Sabaratnam, UK

Lectures were short and succinct with a definite 'take home message'... The 'piece de resistance' was the break-up sessions enabling hands-on training in small groups... I particularly liked the inclusion of the session on Clinical Governance as this is uppermost in the minds of many practising Obstetricians... It was current, practical and would be applicable to any of our countries within the AOFOG region

— Dr Ravi Chandran (Malaysia), President 2017-2019, Asia & Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The course is comprehensive… All of the topics are cogent and are well taught. The lectures are clear, concise and well thought out…is useful to obstetricians who have been in practice for some time and require some updating of contemporary management.

— Dr Henry Murray (Australia)

I was impressed by the detailed preparation that resulted in a very interactive workshop. The props used were well chosen and as realistic as possible. We from the AOFOG are proud to be associated with such a positive venture and look forward to many more workshops in the countries of the region.

— Dr Kurian Josef (India)

This is a thoroughly practical and effective training workshop for practising Obstetricians of all seniorities as it goes straight to the point with specific teaching points and practical skills. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the game.

— Dato Dr Alex Mathews

An all round excellent course which OGSM should be very proud and deserving of more recognition…very intensive and suited to the mid tier trainee and above. The stations have been carefully thought through and many are unique for any course. This course combines BCLS, MOET, ROBUST and CTG.

— Dr Tan Lay Kok (Singapore)