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1. Noninvasive prenatal testing resource center CLICK Here
2. Effectiveness of low fidelity simulation models for PPH management: Based on the Intensive Course in Obstetric Emergencies (ICOE) experiences in Myanmar, Cambodia & Bangladesh CLICK Here
3. Intensive Course in Obstetric Emergencies (ICOE) - The Journey since 2014 CLICK Here
4. Impact of a simulation based obstetric emergency course in Malaysia, Myanmar and Mongolia CLICK Here



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1. Care Bundles: Preterm labour CLICK Here
2. Decision Delivery Interval (DDI) vs Bradycardia Delivery Interval (BDI) - "The Evidence" CLICK Here
3. Vaginal delivery of second twin: ECV or Breech Extraction CLICK Here
4. Interventions in labour: Do's & Don'ts CLICK Here
5. Simulation Training in Shoulder Dystocia CLICK Here