Midwives Course


The Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia is pleased to announce the above course targeted at nursing professionals providing maternity services. There have been numerous requests from the nursing professionals for a course of this nature to enhance their obstetric skills. Obstetric emergencies are infrequent but when it happens it can be disastrous. Hence nursing professionals need to be proficient with the necessary skills to handle these emergencies. Besides acquiring skills, this course is also becoming an essential requirement for credentialing and quality accreditation.

The ICOE for Midwives is a hands-on two-day intensive course aimed at both private and public hospital nurses. It focuses on the obstetric emergencies that the nurse faces in the maternity ward and labour room. These are gradually becoming uncommon and a refresher course is essential to maintain the skill on a personal level and to learn the importance of teamwork.

The course consists of 15 short lectures, 13 skills stations, 2 workshops, 6 scenarios and 3 discussions. The topics include resuscitation of the mother in shock, hemorrhage, eclampsia, sepsis, partogram and fetal monitoring. There are also emerging topics like risk management, documentation and communication.

There is ample opportunity for practical hands-on sessions on the various obstetric skills. This is achieved by limiting the participants to 24 per course. The experienced trainers will teach and supervise the skills on a personal level. The trainers are experienced and consist of both trained midwives and consultant obstetricians.

All participants will receive a handout on the course lectures and reading references. There is no assessment for certification but attendance is compulsory for all the sessions in order to obtain a certificate.

This course is an intellectual property of the OGSM.





OGSM member - RM 990 (inclusive of handbook)
Non-OGSM - RM 1090 (inclusive of handbook)
International delegate - RM 1390 (inclusive of handbook)
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Midwives (Local) - RM 990 (inclusive of handbook)
International delegate - RM 1390 (inclusive of handbook)
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REGISTRATION (Train the Trainers (TOT))

Fee RM200
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